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  • Focus

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Kuk Sool can benefit men, women of all ages. Through diligent practice, Kuk Sool training will develop strength, speed, endurance, balance, timing, flexibility, and coordination. At the same time, powers of concentration, self-discipline, and self-control significantly improve. In addition, faithful practice will enhance circulation and digestion, reduce problems of the back and joints, help in weight loss, and help to develop and maintain a youthful appearance. These benefits will positively affect all aspects of your life.


Are you looking for unique, comprehensive, family-friendly Martial Arts classes?

Our classes incorporate techniques and practices that value and promote confidence and self-discipline for all ages


Our Martial Arts


With over 50 schools world wide. You can practice Kuk Sool just about anywhere


Traditional martial arts forms teach your child to achieve and maintain Focus. Each form consists of a series of specific movements that help your child learn to focus.


Brothers, sisters, mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa can all practice together in class.


Kicking and stance training will help improve your balance


Games are an instructive tool for children to creatively explore different avenues within the boundaries set by certain rules. Our classes include games and exercises that require your child to exercise Self-Control in order to complete the game successfully.


We encourage children to take a greater responsibility in achieving the given goals. By steadily learning how to strive for these goals, and achieving them, they learn Self-Confidence

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